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Snowgirl Designs, handcrafted signs made for you.  Handcrafted signs are a wonderful addition to any home.  Snowgirl Designs specializes in custom order signs and serving trays.   Custom serving trays/ signs are great gifts for a bridal shower, wedding, new home, new baby or any occasion.  All items are hand painted, therefore no two signs are the same.  Why Snowgirl Designs, in Annapolis?  I  grew up in Syracuse, NY, love the snow, not the cold.

Check out the products page, all items are currently available for sale.  


Custom serving tray, a perfect gift for a wedding shower

Custom serving tray,  perfect for a wedding

Contact me at snowgirlsdesigns106@gmail.com to start your custom order. Follow us on Facebook at Snowgirl Designs and on Instagram at Snowgirl Designs.